1.1 Object:
Asian. Delivering the goods industrial products, consumer goods ... etc
b. Owns a coffee shop business is the most effective local City or Province.
C. Owns business premises so beautiful right down 4, down 5 City or Town Center
Local commune.
1.2 Financial Resources:
Asian. Prepare a certain financial amounts to be deposited before becoming Distributors.
b. Working capital: Must have served certain capital business during its establishment.
C. Fixed capital: Reviewed via fixed assets are owned houses, land, cars ... Of
ownership of the partnership have a legal value.
 1.3 Warehousing, Business Floor:
Asian. Wide surface, larger than 4m, minimum length of 8m, the total business area of ​​minimum 32 m2. Business rooms, complete works, can serve to 04 living people relax.
b. Large warehouses, open, convenient for delivery.
C. Places to proprietary trading, or long-term lease on a 5-year contract (rents stabilized during the rental period).
d. Location ground located residential areas, major roads passers density 70 people / minute, right down 5 possible intersection.
1.4 Experience and Business Management Skills:
Asian. Having experience in the technology industry, agile, smart.
b. Capable of organizing fill and management in the field of business and personnel.
1.5 Human Resources:
Asian. At least 02 employees with experience in the field of food business
or FMCG.
b. There are motor vehicles, motorcycles serving in freight forwarding.
1.6 Social Relations:
C. Wide relations with partners in the business sector in general and coffee in particular.
d. Have a great impact in the market especially in the field of used coffee phe.tieu, ...
1.7 As agents:
Asian. Brand spirit for Long Coffee Raw coffee high, there is always responsible for building,
nurture, develop and protect brand Nguyen Long Coffee enthusiastic, eager mind
blood and blazing brand.
b. Always try to promote job creation in particular withstand high pressure for the
and customer work.
2.1 Liability:
Asian. To protect and preserve the Company's facilities (such as Article 5 HDDL)
b. Must deposit a certain amount specified by the Company depending on the size of each big or small and Distributors of each market, but a minimum of 47 million VND.
2.2 Benefits:
Asian. Equipped Pa panels, signs, county cabinets, blender, etc. in the display case .... Distributors (as that 04 labor contract).
b. Given the interest of the original deposit amount (according to the rate of bank indefinitely, 1 time annual settlement on 31/12).
C. 01 wagons are overlapping (amount of wagons by 50% of deposits). If we take the next wagons must definitely pay the previous wagons, debt cases exceed 50% deposit will not be receiving the Bank's interest.
d. Given from 05 to 10% (depending on the model) on total sales value of goods.
Hey. Given further from 03 to 10% by value of money each promotional items (tables, chairs, cups, coffee pot, tray ...) which are convertible into cash at internal prices.
f. Officially recognized as Distributor and product consumption of coffee Company Nguyen Long (Long Nguyen Coffee).
g. Support and guide the necessary legal procedures in business registration Long products Raw Coffee in territory of Vietnam and the world.
H. Is creating all favorable conditions to support and help in many aspects during business operations through individual support policies of the Company.
2.3 Other Regulations:
Asian. Distributors enjoy the benefits, the after treatment as prescribed.
b. Image advertising strategy, branding, customer development investment will be allocated funds in installments, depending on the financial situation of the Company.
C. Distributors will be subject to the supervision of company staff supervision. Distributors will be support staff, market development if the Company felt it necessary.
d. Deposit will be refunded by the Company at any time as business Distributor effective and high spirit of cooperation.
Above are 7 criteria with rights, responsibilities and other provisions the establishment of the Distribution of Long Nguyen Coffee Company. Additionally Distributors must also operate under the agency contract concluded between Long Nguyen Coffee Company with Authorized Distributors
* There are 02 types of Agents, Distributors, Affiliates: Independence or under. 4.1.Doi with Agents, Distributors, Independent Affiliates:
- DIY business registration documents filed with the business registration where Distributors headquarters and is responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness.
- Prove to the competent bodies of assets, legal status.
- Registration of business industries.
- Register office, address, the name for the competent authorities.
- After obtaining a business registration shall publish in newspapers Local 3 consecutive terms on the establishment.
- There is a duty to provide information about the contents of the business registration for the tax office, statistical, economic management, District Committee of the headquarters district.
4.2. For Resellers, Distributors, Affiliates under:
- The Company has decided to appoint a representative on the establishment Agents, Distributors, Affiliates.
- The Company will carry out and coordinate the necessary procedures for the establishment.
- To inform the authorities at the place of work
Contact Franchise consultants / agents / distributors across the country:
CCU: (+84 8) 22374925 - HOTLINE: ( 084)98-102-4567
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Step 1: Determine capital and business objectives
Determining the capital
When intending to open a cafe you have to determine your capital is exactly how many (including fixed capital and working capital)? 100 million, 200, 300 million ... we mobilize capital from? From myself, shareholders with friends, family or other relatives. After determining the precise amount of capital, the stage identifying the basic capital to shop: 2 parts.
- Cost basis: Cost ground stakes, cost design and construction shop, costs of materials, labor costs ...
- Maintain Cost: The cost of this is very important, because the first few months to PR for the newly opened shop, attract customers, the cost of monthly bills such as land costs, electricity, water, internet, phone, staff, drinks, food, food, promotional gifts.
For example, you have 200 million, you should invest 100 million into the cost base, and 100 million on the cost of maintaining, absolutely do not do wastage cost of maintaining, if not you will trouble a lot of time oil.
Business objectives
You must outline details business objectives of your cafe a precise figure, which was the profit achieved in the first 3 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years ... Whether that figure could certainly would not like you put out, but aims to help you withstand the difficulties, and the unexpected arises.
Step 2: Identify customers want to navigate to
Determination of customers is one of the factors that sustain long-term operation of the restaurant and keep the bar patrons. For example: a student audience, world officials, business people, teenagers, middle-aged ...
Step 3: Determine the style cafe
Style cafe is an important factor to the success of the restaurant. For example, you want your cafe style cafe books, music or coffee cafe for teenagers ... So you must discuss and agree the wishes of the architect intelligent design and construction from the beginning to set design and operate more efficiently.
If you prepare for the place to open a restaurant, you should not think of two types of coffee shops and coffee gardens to enjoy. Coffee Garden but not great but the initial capital if the property is not available, then you think about the huge amount when the rented premises. Enjoying coffee business only for specific coffee. This kind of consistency needed for a long time for the brand, more initial capital amounted to hundreds of millions to learn techniques ground coffee dispensing, buying grinders, roasting, blending utensils, cups Dedicated ...
Step 4: Select the ground
The ground is always a prerequisite for the success of the café. When the idea and style of the restaurant, you should pay attention to find the location of the shop accordingly. For example, the Café for office locations to nearby organs, companies and centers where office workers often go through or easy place to meet with clients. If you have the peace of mind to open the shop, but if you have to rent it to note that the rental period must be long in order to have time to attract customers and earn enough money to return on investment.
Choice for business premises is not an overnight problem that it requires a long-term process of search, and seize opportunities quickly, negotiating an agreement with the landlord, and subscription licenses business. Especially the parking place, this problem is often very difficult in the city center, or in the alley.
Step 5: Design and construction of cafe
After having been ground, you should spend a lot of time to put out a consistent interior design to suit the size and style of the restaurant. You need to find interior design company and tell them the idea and style, the rest is their work, with their technical expertise will quickly give you the appropriate designs.
Besides, to highlight style as well as your interior, creating a beautiful space, you should pay attention decoration shop accordingly. You can use the oil painting or a mural to decorate to suit the preferences and your style.
Step 6: Items needed and staff
Necessary tools
During construction, you should identify items such as: Ly, separation, preparation tools, bowls, plates, coffee, soft drinks, food, drinks ... up a list of what to buy and to buy, then look for software providers and long-term value for you.
 You need to determine the exact number of employees in service as follows:
- Preparation: You need to have a professional mixing drinks and relax because if you feel satisfied, and affordable, guests will come back more often.
- Serves: Depending various large and small area that you will choose the students who work part-time, or can recruit on the recruitment page. If hard, good service will be rewarded, because the service is very important to the long term business of the shop, staff attitude estrange, beamed at the hotel that guests did not turn again the next time.
- Receptionist: Can you choose the good looks because beauty is often the first assessment.
- Protection: Should recruitment of trusted, can look consistent, and keep the car well, with an attitude of respect and courtesy to customers.
- Management: Managers are rather you shop the whole torus operating bar in the restaurant, staff management, and resolution of tasks related to internal ... so need to find credible manager tree.
- Staff Housekeeper: Diligent, responsible, punctual.
Step 7: Marketing for cafe
Making brand identity system for the restaurant, including menus, name cards, logos, shop names, websites ... At the same time advertising on Facebook and other social networks. There are many programs familiar customer care: Promotional beverages, preferential cards to customers regularly visit your shop.
( Nguyen Long Coffee Franchising)
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How to enjoy coffee varies according to each culture, ethnic customs or personal tastes. Basically we distinguish five different forms:
In Germany, Switzerland and the US people coffee by boiling water to flow through a filter bag containing coffee powder. This practice is Melitta Bentz invented in 1908.
Italy's most popular espresso. This coffee is mixed by water being forced under pressure to high suap flow through very fine grind coffee. This mixing creates a layer of ice cream from coffee oil.
Turkey and the Balkan states coffee under the "Turkish". In this way finely ground coffee, sugar and water is added to a thin spire warm and boiling. VPHA French: popular style this challenge and also very close to many people. They use a French press pots called geometry similar to Vietnam's coffee pot. Coffee powder is added in the bottle, then use a piece of metal filter presses upwards (press), then pour boiling water and cover again. Boiling water will filter through and absorbent pads fade into coffee powder. Due to the speed of the water flow is very slow when the last piece of filter coffee should be very special.
Instant coffee: coffee just pour hot water, stirring as you can drink immediately. On the basis of years of mixing on that today people invent hundreds of coffee recipes as well as thousands of drink containing coffee. Many ways requires dedicated coffee.
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Cafein có tác dụng trên hệ thần kinh trung ương và cả hoạt động của hệ thống tim mạch. Vì vậy, ở một số người, uống cà phê sẽ làm tim đập nhanh hơn, nhức đầu, run tay, cảm thấy bất an. Cho nên những người bị rối loạn tim mạch nên cẩn thận, nếu thấy bị ảnh hưởng xấu thì không nên uống nữa.

Cafein có tác dụng lợi tiểu, nếu uống ban đêm thì ngoài khó ngủ do bị kích thích lại phải thức giấc đi tiểu đêm. Do vậy nên uống cà phê vào ban ngày, đặc biệt uống vào buổi sáng là tốt nhất. Mỗi ngày uống một tách (khoảng 200ml) là tốt, hoặc 2 – 3 tách chia đều sáng chiều.

- Cafein có tác dụng kích thích làm tăng tiết axit dịch vị. Vì vậy tránh uống cà phê vào lúc bụng trống để bảo vệ niêm mạc dạ dày, nhất là những người đã sẵn yếu dạ dày. Uống cà phê vào buổi sáng mà bụng trống, không ăn điểm tâm cũng có hại cho sức khoẻ. Để phù hợp với thị hiếu và tình trạng sức khoẻ của nhiều người, thị trường đã có loại cà phê lấy bớt hoặc lấy hết cafein.

- Tuỳ theo mỗi cá nhân mà cách uống cà phê khác nhau. Có người thích uống cà phê đen không đường để tận hưởng vị đắng, mùi vị đặc biệt của nó. Có người thích uống cà phê với sữa. Cách nào cũng tốt, miễn sao phù hợp với điều kiện của mình, như người bị bệnh tiểu đường mà chỉ uống cà phê không thôi thì rất tốt, nhưng người đang cần năng lượng thì nên uống cà phê với đường hoặc sữa.

- Cafein có thể gây tương tác với một số dược phẩm như làm mất tác dụng của thuốc an thần gây ngủ. Một số kháng sinh fluoroquinolon (như ofloxacin) uống chung với cà phê sẽ làm tăng tác dụng kích thích của caffeine (gây tim đập nhanh, khó chịu, mệt mà có người lầm tưởng ngộ độc). Vì vậy, tránh uống cà phê chung với thuốc (uống thuốc tốt nhất là dùng nước lã đun sôi để nguội).

- Cà phê hấp dẫn người uống không chỉ vì tác dụng của caffeine mà còn do mùi vị. Vì vậy, người ta đã thêm các chất, hương liệu trong quá trình chế biến cà phê để tạo nên vị đắng, mùi vị đặc biệt của cà phê cho dễ bán. Nếu người nào đó uống cà phê sau đó bị say, đỏ người thì có thể đã bị dị ứng với cafein hoặc một chất có trong cà phê. Tốt nhất nên đổi loại cà phê khác, còn uống loại nào cũng bị như vậy thì không nên uống cà phê nữa.

- Đối với các bạn sinh viên học sinh, không nên lạm dụng cà phê (kể cả trà đậm) cho việc thức đêm học thi. Do không tổ chức học tập, nghỉ ngơi hợp lý nên có một số bạn trẻ gần tới ngày thi mới học dồn, học nén và nhờ đến cà phê thật đậm để tỉnh táo “gạo” bài. Nên lưu ý, mệt mỏi và buồn ngủ là dấu hiệu cho biết cơ thể cần nghỉ ngơi. Dùng cà phê để cặp mắt mở trao tráo chỉ là sự đánh lừa, thực chất cơ thể vẫn mệt mỏi. Uống cà phê để thức đêm dài ngày rất có hại cho sức khoẻ, đặc biệt hại cho trí não.

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