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Nguyen Long Coffee Co.ltd, manufacturer (OEM) professional coffee trade in Vietnam, we include intensive farming, technology transfer production, sustainable connection chain. Our products are covered in countries, with superior strategies and a diverse portfolio of new technology ground coffee products (Coffee beans, Bio-coffee, Roasted coffee beans, Instant coffee 'Cold drying - spray drying - 3 in 1'). We bring the quintessence and experience of a team of skilled warriors in ground coffee bean production and new technology in Vietnam.


Whatever your needs, we always listen to share and advise you on the best solution for high quality premium coffees. Nguyen Long Coffee always has the best products and services best suited for you.
Nguyen Long Coffee Not only is high quality coffee product. It is "skilled mastery". You come to us not only as a utility but you are "Contributing to building a smart-select consumer community". You come to us, you are treated equally in policy and quality. Sorry If you come to us not for love of coffee and because the community please exit Kết quả hình ảnh cho cảnh báo the browser immediately.


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Beyond the Limit Normal to serve you

Because we demand excellence in themselves and bring pride and passion into work and career survival of a brand, so customers and partners with our business are entitled benefit from it. You will find it in the attitude of "nothing is impossible" our: Speed ​​and express our energy in every task, the constant search for the best solutions we offer ... our attention to detail. What others see as obstacles, we see that the creative opportunities. All our efforts are for the customers, and that is why the signature - Our hallmark is saved in all the work we have done.
Nguyen Long Coffee global recognition
Our warriors personally responsible for their work and often sign their names on their products. We take pride in their work and left its mark on every job in the Highlands Long Coffee "P2P"
That is not a slogan. It's our signature - the mark of craftsmanship and creativity.
Nguyen Long Coffee 'The skilled'
What would happen if we applied all the precision and expertise needed to create exquisite handmade products beautiful on coffee products of its technology? Our products bring a personal touch
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A set of Product Diversity technology Coffee ground

Coffee passion, effort and ingenuity is the motivation to Nguyen Long Coffee has been today. Through production methods tech applications in production and business activities, we created the line is its brand products, from traditional products to premium products.
We not only develop their brands alongside that we help our customers create and develop community economic development revenue bond together to enhance the value of brand products of Vietnam in the international arena. We put ourselves in the strictest standards and meticulously aware, careful to make the product - the best service that Nguyen Long Coffee we can bring to our customers.
Learn more about the coffee products our high quality.
When You Need To We
Long Highlands Coffee brand synonymous with services superior resonance values. Customers and business partners we can be assured that they will be treated fairly, is to meet the needs of product quality, safety standards and the fastest in the time of need. Customers can always rest assured, absolute trust in services and our products
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Global Emergence each Local marked with exceptional creative power.

Nguyen Long Coffee customers in the country and is known for its international business philosophy slogan 'WE JUST COFFEE PRODUCTS BUSINESS SENIOR HIGH QUALITY'. Currently we are present in these countries and territories, in many parts of which, we have branch office network. On the one hand, we are representing a country, on the other hand we really are a local company everywhere we operate the business. Our employees are the indigenous peoples, the indigenous knowledge which helps ease communication about products and services Nguyen Long Coffee Raw coffee we provide high quality new technology.
All the services are backed by the strength and strategic orientation of our superiority.

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Nguyen Long tea (member Nguyen Long Group) activities in the field of intensive research and application of new technologies in production, processing, distribution domestic consumption and export.

Nguyen Long tea including research production of pure wood waste tea customers domestic and international credibility with tea list 'Nguyen Long scrumptious' include: List Chrysanthemum tea, oolong tea List, List scrumptious green tea guaranteed to bring you to enjoy well-known Vietnamese tea list.
Enjoy List Nguyen Long tea  gives you inspiration excited.
HOTLINE: (+84)98 102 4567

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Nguyen Long Coffee operates in the field of research, intensive agriculture with new technologies in production and business activities Tea - Coffee exports, our company in order to maximize resources produce strong side and processing (OEM) partners and foreign corporations we deploy Franchising model to partners at home and abroad on the basis of availability and strength of materials Nguyen Long Coffee in new situation .

Every individual objects, organizations have full legal status can cooperate to transfer our system with the enhanced cooperation model development.
With the experience of the design team, our technology will accompany your partner in sustainable partnership model targets 'Empowerment of coffee on the international stage' . Because Vietnamese farmers prosper .
Products co-founder:
* The Alo Coffee (coffee convenience system) refer here
* The Hitech Coffee (coffee system technology) reference here
* The Music Coffee (coffee Music System) reference here
The Office Coffee (coffee Office System) reference here
HOTLINE: (084)98 -102-4567

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Implementation of Circular No. 47/2014 / TT-BCT regulations on management of e-commerce sites. Replaces Circular No. 12/2013 / TT-BCT of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, we would like to promulgate regulations on general policies and regulations as follows:

Currently Website Our company only supports online ordering functionality, does not support online payment. Whereby customers can pay according to the following forms:
1 / Direct payment by cash on delivery:
After the success in order www.nguyenlongcoffee.com Guest will receive an Email Notification successful order -> personnel management authorities will serve to verify the information -> contact delivery and receipt of cash at the address customers are provided.
Note: The form of delivery - applies only accept cash in HCMC. With customers in the provinces, it will apply the form (2)
2 / Payment via bank transfer:
Our company encourages customers to pay by this method. Even after choosing a product like that, you just proceed bank transfer, after receiving payment, our company will expedite delivery to the address that customers provide.
 Account Number: 186376769 (VND) / 186 377 079 (USD) - Swiftcode: ASCBVNVX
HONG PHUONG NGUYEN / Account Number: 188373989
 (Also, in order also step instructions payment information)
With the defective products or you are not satisfied after receiving the product back to the company, the store for advice and support. Hotline: 0909131674
Nguyen Long Coffee Company provides wholesale and retail products nationwide
Please check the product before receiving. Where you get the product through relatives, it still needs more testing before receiving. After successful product delivery, Nguyen Long Coffee Company seeking an exemption of responsibility.
Product delivery time may be slower than expected due to some reasons such as customer address provided is incorrect, the Customer is not at home, delivery staff can not contact with customers, natural disasters, fires fire, ... If for some reason the company we will contact you to rearrange delivery time following products.
Where did the time expected that some customers have not received the product, please respond back to Nguyen Long Coffee Company quickest fix. You have any questions about your order information, shipment please contact Hotline: 0909 131 674 to get help quickly.
The purpose and scope of income information:
Basic information of customers is collected only for contact to guide the use and customer care.
The scope of information use:
For internal use only Nguyen Long Coffee Company sent manuals and customer care.
Time to store information:
One year since the customer does not communicate anymore
The address of the unit to collect and manage personal information:
Co., Ltd Production Nguyen Long Trade Coffee
Address: Floor 19, Block A, Indochina Park Tower Building, 04 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, P.Dakao, District 1, HCMC
Means and tools for users to access and edit your personal data
All requests to edit customer information please send an email to: sales@nguyenlongcoffee.com.com
Privacy Commitment customer personal information:
All information of the customer data will not be disclosed to the outside and is only used for Long Nguyen Coffee Company customer care.
Sincerely thank you/
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From bean to cup coffee
  Long Nguyen Coffee beans harvested from its own plants selected for high yield, resistance to pests and diseases naturally, unity and determine the time to mature, and especially good feature of the same feeling.
In fact, the beans are beans similar to those used for roasting. They differ only in how they are selected and their subsequent treatment. Seeds were harvested from April to June. Cooked beans (cherry) are selected, washed and pulped (remove husk and pulp) Then they are dried until their moisture content reached 15 to 20%, then they are ready to in. Nurseries and "mother plant" certified by (Vietnam's Ministry of Agriculture confirmed the agency) to ensure good agricultural practices and the quality of nursery seedlings.
Seedling production
  Coffee is a perennial culture to exploit up to 25 years. Trees quality is essential, and to a great extent, determine the success of the coffee growers.
  The location of the nursery is always the most important concern is the nursery farms should be well drained, sunny easily acquire, and near water sources. The next step is to prepare small bags of seeds, including seeds will germinate into seedlings. Plastic bags specialty coffee seedlings are filled with dirt sifted subsoil, mature cattle manure, and important for the development of seedlings perfect complement phosphorus and potassium based fertilizers.
Sowing was carried out between April and July, by placing two seeds in each bag. The best seedlings per bag was selected after 45 days. Irrigation, pest control, fertilization and operate under. Over the next few months until the seedlings have grown acclimatized ready and determined. When the plants reached the stage in which they have three pairs of leaves and an established root system of the plants do not meet quality standards will be removed.
  Preparing the ground for the seedlings to get exactly is a key success factor. The removal of the previous planting, fertilizing soil depth, spacing between trees correctly, every east-west position towards the sun, and soil conservation techniques, will determine the final quality of the field. The seedlings were planted in November to March during the rainy season.
  Plants were grown in the nursery bags, with thoughtful care. The bags are separated seedlings and plants inserted into grooves prepared earlier. Perfect rows of links to determine the effectiveness of the future harvest of useful lifetime coffee plantation.
  Fertilizing, shrub planting, weed control, pest, clean restaurant, sampling the soil and leaves, is the annual activities seeking to optimize plant production.
  In March and April, acidic soil is corrected by applying lime plaster and also enhance nutrient absorption. Liquid fertilizing later, based on phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen, besides micronutrients such as zinc, boron, manganese and others. Three different applications, in October, December, and January is usually done. A tree is nourished is resistant to pests and diseases. Precision nutrient management ensures measurable reduction used in pest control.

 Crop spraying providing micronutrients for rapid absorption and leaves to fight pests.

  The flower is an important event for the coffee. It usually happens three or four times between September and November. As a result of the flowering (germination success) a small blue berry, "chumbinho", transforming itself into a coffee beans after 6 to 8 months.
  The type of coffee cherry concentrate in which each flower quality can be obtained from a tree. Therefore, to the manufacturer to select particles effective as quickly as possible. Clearing a row, including cleaning the area under coffee trees remove dry leaves, weeds, twigs and performance drop between March and April anticipated harvest.
 The harvest usually begins in late April and lasts through August. Define the cropping process. Plants are harvested when the fruit reaches 80% of their adult stage.
 When the coffee is hand-picked, the picker line ground under the trees with polypropylene and strip the berries off the branches on the liner. Use the big hand is held ready coffee is then screened, remove leaves and twigs. At the end of the day, the supervisor Our research team assessed the quality of each coffee harvest our region intensive farms.
Harvesting mechanism using fiberglass rod shake the branches of trees. The beans are dropped into coffee harvester which is ventilated, sifted, and has obtained a 1,000 kg "Big Bags". Trees blocking machine operation, moving along the rows includes working all trees.
  When coffee was harvested, the process of transporting the product assembly at our sites and start by transporting it to a service center. This step is very important to ensure the coffee quality after harvesting it is gravity separated as soon as possible ". Keep the coffee inside the" Big Bags "longer than four hours will cause the process fermentation to set in.
  To ensure that only quality products are shipped to a service center where they underwent different processes depending on the type of end product desired.
  Shortly after the products are gathered for coffee production system is loaded into the system to shoot colored twigs blow away any remaining impurities and leaves. Coffee then processed through a wet mill where gravel, dust, dirt bo.Cac green beans and cherries are separated from the dried seeds floating through gravity separation in water (wet processing procedure ).
  The dried beans are less dense to float above while the heavier coffee beans will sink in water. It is a process for preparing the chain; "Boia" or Floaters are sent straight to the terrace or a small number of places are still processed. After the third day will be mixed in the machine drying than 36 hours until the drying process is complete.
  Green beans (beans imature) and cherries are then sent to the crusher. The coffee cherries are separated from the green beans by mechanical pressure and centrifugal.
  Husk is transported to composting area and then be used to improve soil and fertilizer. Green beans are taken to dry the remaining deck has at least 5 days and then they are dried by machine series. This second type of treatment is only used for domestic consumption mix.
  After they had been pulped, only on paper is still on the beans. At this point, two processing methods can be followed. The first time a bean can be sent directly to the deck, where they will stay for 4 days and then dried by machine. This type of processing is called semi-washed.
  The second option is to remove the parchment in aerobic fermentation tanks. Coffee is washed and sent to the terrace after remaining dry in the tank for 24 hours. The beans are dried for three days veranda and then sent to the gas dryer.
  This type of production and processing of coffee rinse.
  The entire process is controlled by a cupper quality / product classification selected by each different standards to meet the requirements of the order. Each product will be we create Product Code for convenience in applying to the distribution process and the preservation of each shipment.
  When the humidity is reduced to 12%, green coffee stored in wooden silos, the best place to preserve about two months before being prepared for sale.
Re- milling AND PACKING
  After being stored in silos coffee grinder and a separate screen. Electronic divider then remove defective beans and white. After the process distinguishes this final, coffee is packaged and shipped to the final destination of its (export or domestic consumption), can be a home roaster large or a corner cafe small anywhere on the territory of Vietnam and the world.
  To be sold to consumer tastes, the coffee is roasted and differentiate the customer or its destination country. To seeds are roasted by the standards of each bean is exposed to a rapid increase in temperature thereby reducing the internal humidity to 3%. Since the number of roasting can mark and / or hidden bean qualities, this stage will determine the final characteristics of the beverage.
  For different markets and different customers, each shipment Nguyen Long Coffee we issue an GOODS CODE convenience in managing follow our standard procedures. And then our products will become the brand of each company (OEM). Then roasted, coffee has gone through a period of time allows. The last coffee or packaged ground, depending on the type of use it is for coffee, filters, filter coffee or soluble coffee products.
Retrieve our factory code:
Branch code access, our Representative Office
 VIETNAM: NLVN01 (TN), NLVN02 (SE), NLVN03 (BD), NLVN04 (BRVT), NLVN05 (BT), NLVN06 (DNG), NLVN07 (H), NLVN (HN), NLVN08 (TH), NLVN09 ( CT).

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